Benefit From Cloud Technology

Our solutions are cloud based using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model which provides major advantages over the traditional methods of purchasing and deploying one-site public safety solutions. Benefits include:

    • Single point of access for all solutions
    • Zero infrastructure to purchase
    • FBI CJIS & FIPS 140-2 Compliant
    • No yearly maintenance cost
    • Flexible concurrent licensing
    • Continual upgrades and added features
    • 99.95% service availability
    • Access from anywhere
    • Real-time communication
    • Robust File Storage & Backups
    • Top-tier & redundant infrastructure
Cloud Technology

Affordable & Budget Friendly

Definition of Affordable

Our subscription pricing is affordable, budget friendly, and flexible. We license our solutions on a concurrent use basis. This means that you only pay for what you need. We work with you to determine the optimal number of concurrent users for your department.  Then as you grow and need more access, you simply let us know and we increase it for you. For when you need all hands on deck, we also have special license accommodations that allow you to temporarily increase licensing for season events or disaster situations.

Secure & CJIS Compliant

  • FBI CJIS Security Policy Compliant
  • FIPS 140-2/3 Encryption Standard Enforced
  • TLS 1.2 Encryption Protocol Enforced
  • Data Encrypted In-Transit & At-Rest
  • Multi-Factor (2FA) Advanced Authentication
  • Infrastructure is Highly Available & Geographically Redundant
  • ALEN Infrastructure Providers Meet/Exceed FedRAMP High & FBI CJIS Security Compliance
  • Security First Development Practices
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Reliable & Resilient

24 and 7

We design our solutions to be both reliable and resilient to ensure that your access remains uninterrupted 24x7x365. In order to ensure a minimum service availability level of 99.95% we do the following:

    • Offer free 24x7x365 end user technical support.
    • Architects its solutions to avoid having a single point of failure.
    • Regionally distributes its computing resources.
    • Physical and logical separation of services within a single data center.
    • 24x7x365 continuous monitoring both using automated systems and physical methods.
    • Continuity of operations testing.
    • Maintain a regionally replicated fail over “Hot-Site” in the event a primary data center experiences a service interruption.

A Government Only Cloud Community

Our solutions are only designed for and limited for use by U.S. government & other public sector law enforcement departments.

    • Airport Police Departments
    • Animal Control Departments
    • Campus Law Enforcement
    • Conservation Law Enforcement
    • Harbor Police Departments
    • Military Law Enforcement Agencies
    • Police Departments
    • Private Security Services
    • Railroad Law Enforcement
    • Sheriffs Departments
    • Special Police
    • State Police/Highway Patrols
    • Transit Authorities
    • Tribal Law Enforcement
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