We understand the value of partnerships. Our list of carefully selected partners ensures that we work with the top of the line providers and vendors within the Public Safety and Law Enforcement Community.

Nlets Strategic Partner

ALEN is a Nlets strategic and hosting partner. "The mission of Nlets is to provide, within a secure environment, an international justice telecommunications capability and information services that will benefit to the highest degree, the safety, the security, and the preservation of human life and the protection of property. Nlets will assist those national and international government agencies and other organizations with similar missions that enforce or aid in enforcing local, state, or international laws or ordinances." (Nlets Website)



Azure Government

ALEN is a Microsoft Azure Government Managed Service Provider (MSP). Azure Government is a private Government-Community Cloud that is reserved for and designed to support strategic government scenarios that require speed, scale, security and compliance for U.S. government organizations. Additionally, Azure Government is designed to meet the higher level of security and compliance needs for Federal, State and Local Government agencies. Compliance standards include CJIS, FedRAMP, FISMA, FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, IRS 1075 and much more. 



ALEN partners and works closely Mobile and Desktop Thermal Printing Solutions. Lightweight, easy to use, carry or mount, and highly reliable are just some of the recognized features of PrintekMobile printers from Printek, LLC. With long battery life, simple loading and foolproof operation, PrintekMobile printers meet the needs of a variety of public safety applications including e-citations, crash reports, parking citations, and more. PrintekMobile printers are available in either 3”, 4”, and 8” models, and offer Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, and cabled versions to provide for a quick and clutter free printing option. Various mounting options make a PrintekMobile printer the perfect for addition to an officer’s vehicle. (Printek Website)


RAM Mounts

RAM® Mounts is a leading manufacturer of rugged mounting solutions for a wide variety of applications including vehicles, aviation, boating, law enforcement, material handling, military, and many more. The RAM patent-protected product line offers approximately 5,000 modular components to configure robust mounting solutions for phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, GPS trackers, two-way radios, police consoles, and video surveillance systems. Built on an interchangeable ball and socket system and designed around an elastomeric rubber ball, components incorporate non-slip features as well as shock and vibration dampening. In addition, RAM is the creator of the award-winning IntelliSkin™ with GDS Technology™. IntelliSkin cases provide protection for both phones and tablets, while the universal GDS connector allows users to charge, dock, and sync their devices. (RAM Website)