Cloud Records Management System (RMS)

Fight Crime Not Paperwork

ALEN provides a functional Records Management System (RMS) that can help prevent, reduce and control crime, improve community policing and problem solving capabilities as well as improve operational efficiency and resource management.

Instead of your officers logging into applications spread out over several systems, using our cloud platform allows for centralized storage and access to all of your agencies information in real-time.

Officers no longer have to hand-write incident reports, meaning that once they key-it-in and hit send from the field, their supervisor can review, approve or reject that report from anywhere.


Higher Productivity, Lower Costs

Higher productivity and lower costs are the main benefits of our solutions. Our solutions produce important results and help eliminate costs associated with poor operating procedures.

  • Faster filing and retrieval of information
  • Fewer misfiles
  • Higher staff efficiency and productivity
  • Less frequent purchase of filing equipment and supplies
  • Less likelihood of litigation losses resulting from lost documents
  • Less likelihood of lost documents leading to unfavorable audit findings and penalties
  • Less costly recovery of vital records
  • Easier training of new personnel
  • Expandability and flexibility to meet the needs of your agency
  • Improved service to the community
  • Protection of vital records
  • Compliance with legal and audit retention requirements