Cloud Records Management (RMS)

Our Cloud Records Management solution is more accessible and more mobile than traditional on-premises law enforcement software packages. Law enforcement agencies and their officers can access data in real-time via the cloud, from any device with an internet connection no matter their location.

A benefit of our Cloud Records Management solution is that it is just one component of our overall platform. Instead of your officers logging into applications spread out over several systems, using our cloud platform allows for centralized storage and access to all of your agencies information in real-time.

Just one of the many time-saving advantages that clients find is real-time report approval. Officers no longer having to hand-write incident reports, means that once they enter the incident report in from their car, a supervisor can review from anywhere. To learn more about the benefits and features of our Cloud Records Management solution contact us today.

Case Management
Intuitive Interface
Accident Management (in supported States)
Evidence Management
Secure File Storage (SFS)
Custom reports and forms
Supervisor report management
Manage user roles and permissions
Electronic Signatures
Personnel Management
Master Person, Property, and Vehicle Management
State and Municipal Statute Management
State reporting integration capable
Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
And Much More!