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Our cloud Records Management Solution (RMS) is designed so that a department can manage its cases, records, documents, and other related activities from their initial generation, completion, and final archival. Your officers can securely access their case information from anywhere, at any time by using their department issued computer and any modern internet browser. Keep reading to learn more about this robust solution and how it can modernize your department.

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Case & Report Management

Our RMS supports the creation and management of the major case types that are used in day-to-day law enforcement operations.

Incident Case

Provides the ability for an officer to create and enter all the details for an incident and its related location, disposition, offenses, narratives, officers, arrests, persons, organizations, vehicles, property, and evidence. Other features include the ability for multiple officers to collaborate on a case, case lock function for added security and privacy, generate and electronically sign primary/supplemental/investigative and arrest reports.

Accident Case

This case type provides the ability for an officer to create and enter all the details for a Georgia accident report. This includes the accident/scene details and its related location, narratives, officers, arrests, persons, organization, vehicles, and property. Reports can then be submitted to the Georgia GEARS database electronically.

*Available for GA agencies only currently.

Field Interview

Provides the ability for an officer to create and enter all the details for a field interview or contact and its related location, narratives, officers, persons, organizations, vehicles, and property. When completed officers can generate the field interview report for review or distribution.

Fire Case

Allows the officer to create and enter all the fires details (e.g. ignition causes, heat source) and its related location, narratives, officers, arrests, persons, organizations, vehicles, and property. It is robust enough however for any agency to take advantage of to track fire events. Additionally, if your department is required to report Clery Act events, the Fire Case will easily capture all of the data required for accurate reporting.

Master Entities

When creating a case an officer can relate several types of master entities (e.g. persons, organizations, vehicles, and property) within it. Our RMS is designed to capture as much information as possible about these entities. Below are some examples on the information that can be captured:

Individual Persons

  • Party type (suspect, victim, witness etc.)
  • Full name, nickname, associated aliases
  • Relationships (mother, father, sister etc.)
  • Date of birth, place of birth
  • All major PII information (gender, height, weight, hair & eye color etc.)
  • Driver’s license & ID information
  • Address, phone numbers, email
  • Scars, marks, tattoos
  • Missing person details
  • File uploads & photos
  • Other NIBRS required information.
  • & More.


  • Vehicle status (stolen, seized, recovered etc.)
  • General information (VIN, make, model, style, year etc.)
  • License plate details
  • Mechanical details (mileage, engine, transmission, fuel etc.)
  • Insurance details
  • Relate to owners, driver and passengers
  • Relate to case offenses
  • File uploads
  • & More.


  • Property status (stolen, seized, secovered etc.)
  • General information (type, make, model, color, weight)
  • Relate to owners
  • Relate to case offenses
  • Relate location & other details to property status (e.g. location stolen from)
  • File uploads & photos
  • Other NIBRS required information
  • & More

Federal & State Reporting

National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)

NIBRS is a system for collecting crime data from across the nation through the FBI’s UCR Program. Its purpose is to provide statistics about crime so law enforcement agencies, communities, citizens, researchers, and public leaders can make well-informed decisions about how to deal with crime.
Our RMS is NIBRS ready and has the following features:

    • Case readiness check. Officers or administrators can press a single button to check if an incident case’s data meets the requirements for it to be submitted to NIBRS.
    • File creation*. Allows administrators to create a NIBRS submission file in xml or flat file format for submission to the FBI.

*The xml and flat files generated are written to the current FBI NIBRS standard.

State Incident-Based Reporting Systems (IBRS)

Many U.S. States have their own IBRS program which require their resident law enforcement agencies to send NIBRS related information to the state first who will then in-turn report it to the FBI. Our RMS can be customized to meet specific state requirements as needed by our clients. Currently we support the following state specific programs:

    • Georgia
    • Mississippi
    • Tennessee (TIBRS)

Clery Act Reporting

The Clery Act is a consumer protection law that aims to provide transparency around campus crime and statistics. To comply with Clery Act requirements, colleges and universities must report crime statistics in their annual security report. Our RMS has Clery reporting, allowing departments to map offense codes to their respective Clery codes to generate the necessary reports to provide the required information to employee and students.


evidence bag

Our RMS includes the ability to create and manage case related property and evidence. Officers can easily manage the status of individual pieces of property and its check-in to evidence so that evidence custodians can manage the rest of its lifecycle. Features include:

    • Supports multiple storage locations (e.g. locker, container, shelf)
    • Chain of custody & movement management (e.g. check in/out)
    • Item receipt & tag printing with barcode support
    • Export inventory for auditing purposes
    • Disposition & destruction management

File Storage

Close-up of police body camera

With our RMS you can upload & manage multiple types of electronic files to an individual case, person, vehicle, or property.

    • Audio files
    • Video files
    • Photos
    • Electronic documents
    • Scanner documents

Additionally, you can also

    • Upload multiple files or directories at once
    • Centrally manage storage & recycle bin

When you subscribe to the ALEN RMS solution you get 100 Gigabytes of storage included with each concurrent license.

Additional Features

  • Analytical & statistical reports
  • Associate related cases & calls for service
  • Case locking
  • Case search
  • Compatible with most internet browsers spell-check feature
  • Easy offense code management and mapping to NIBRS, Clery & UCR (SRS) codes
  • Electronic signatures
  • Instant case creation from an ALEN Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) call
  • Instant party (person) creation from a recent ALEN eCitation
  • Instant party (person) creation from an ALEN CJI & NCIC (SIMS) query return
  • License & permission-based access controls
  • Manage your own alphanumeric case & evidence number sequences based on types
  • Master entity search (e.g. persons, vehicles, property)
  • Narrative text formatting (e.g. bold text, bullets, spacing etc.)
  • Officer activity log
  • Single-click report redaction.
  • Supervisor report approval/rejection workflow
  • Visual indicators for arrested and juvenile parties for quick identification
  • Warrant Tracking
  • 3rd party software integration capable (Professional Services)


American Flag

Our cloud RMS is available nationally for use by U.S. government & other public sector law enforcement departments. Including:

    • Airport Police Departments
    • Animal Control Departments
    • Campus Law Enforcement
    • Conservation Law Enforcement
    • Harbor Police Departments
    • Military Law Enforcement Agencies
    • Police Departments
    • Private Security Services
    • Railroad Law Enforcement
    • Sheriffs Departments
    • Special Police
    • State Police/Highway Patrols
    • Transit Authorities
    • Tribal Law Enforcement

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