Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

The single most important element of law enforcement is communication. With ALEN’s Multi-Agency Secure Communication platform, members of your agency and members of your mutual aid partner agencies can chat, share files and communicate efficiently in a secure environment that meets all CJIS security requirements.

We offer it for FREE for all federal, state and local law enforcement departments and agencies. This means no cost for access, no cost for set up, no cost for training, no cost for support. There is no cost for this solution now or EVER.

Of course, our subscribers already have it!

Police on Smartphones

Features & Functionality

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  • Silent Communication via MDTs
  • Real-time Direct &Group Messaging
  • Channels for Topic Based Conversations
  • Send Broadcast Messages to All Users
  • Communicate with Mutual Aid Agencies
  • Historical Message Retention
  • Message Searching & Export Capability
  • File Sharing Between Officers, Channels and Mutual Aid Agencies
  • Off-line Messaging Ensures You Never Miss a Thing
  • Meets CJIS Security Policy Requirements

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