Cloud eCitation

Our Cloud eCitation solution allows law enforcement agencies and their officers to quickly create and issue traffic citations.

A benefit of our Cloud eCitation solution is that it is just one component of our overall platform. Instead of your officers logging into applications spread out over several systems, using our cloud platform allows for centralized storage and access to all of your agencies information in real-time. Combined with our Criminal Justice Information solution officers save even more time with the ability to import DMV related information directly into the citation.

Just one of the many advantages officers find is that they reduce their amount of time handling a traffic stop, typically agencies see a time reduction of 15 to 5 minutes. This not only increases officer safety, but increases their chances of stopping more violators per day. To learn more about the benefits and features of our Cloud eCitation solution contact us today.

Payment Portal Integration

When combined with our Payment Portal solution agencies can issue the citation, and if configured to, the violator can go to and pay immediately. Click here to learn more about Payment Portal.

Features Include:

  • Issue warnings or citations
  • Print to thermal, inkjet or laser printers
  • One-click citation duplication to speed up the writing of several citations for a single offender
  • Custom text fields for citation instructions
  • Add notes to citations
  • Print in landscape or portrait
  • Print selection for all copies or single for specific divisions.
  • Import data from recent Criminal Justice Information query
  • State reporting integration capable
  • Access eCitation information from anywhere in real-time
  • General reporting