Cloud eCitation

eCitation quickly and easily creates citations and reduce the time and effort of traffic stops.

When used with our NCIC / CJI Query Solution, data entry time is reduced because DMV information can be imported into the citation.

Reducing the time an officer is on a traffic stop (some agencies see as much as a 15 minute reduction in time) not only increases department efficiency but improves officer safety.

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Features & Functionality

police department tow truck
  • Issue Warnings or Citations
  • One-click Citation Duplication for Rapidly Writing Multiple Citations for a Single Violator
  • Custom Text Fields for Citation Instructions
  • Multiple Printing Options – Portrait / Landscape, Most Paper Types
  • More Printing Options – User Selects Driver, Court, Agency Copies
  • Import Violator and Vehicle Data into Citation From Query Results
  • State Reporting Interfaces Available
  • All Previous Citations Issued Against Violator Through ALEN Network Will Display
  • Statistical Reports Accessible by Supervisors
  • and more!

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