Computer Aided Dispatch

Cloud Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Our cloud Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) solution is designed to be the principal application used by public safety departments to manage law enforcement incidents from the initial time an incident is reported to its conclusion. Our solution can be used to initiate a call for service, to dispatch, maintain the status of responding units, and to generally manage the incident. Accessible through any modern internet browser means that both the dispatcher and field responders can communicate during an incident in real-time. Keep reading to learn more about this robust solution and how it can modernize your dispatch processes.

Emergency 911 Dispatcher

Calls-for-Service Management

Dispatcher Role

Provides the ability for a dispatcher to create, enter, and manage all the details for one or multiple calls for service at any given time. Just some of the information that can be managed is the responding agency, how received, call type, priority, status, location, units assigned, persons, vehicles, and radio logs. Other features include the ability to interact with the assigned units in real-time, instantly create an ALEN RMS case, and generate a report for the call.

Officer Role

Provides the ability for an officer or other field-based responder to view, respond to, and manage their activities as it relates to the call or calls, they are assigned to. The responding officer has several features to help them manage the call including viewing all details, updating their status (en-route, on-scene etc.), disposition the call, and update radio logs. Other features include the ability to interact with the dispatcher in real-time, view and join another field unit’s assigned call, instantly create an ALEN RMS case, and generate a report for the call.

Interactive Dashboards

Interactive dashboards allow dispatchers to view, update, and re-assign calls without having to open them. It also includes a robust search feature that allows you to find calls based on multiple parameters and save search templates to create custom views when you need them.

Visual & Audible Cues

To assist dispatchers and responders in identifying calls by priority our solution allows you to create custom color highlights based on a call’s priority code. The responders view is arranged in a way that is visually friendly and touch screen compatible.

To help the responder know what is happening during a call without having to look at their computer while driving, our solution play an alert notification upon assignment and will also “read-aloud” updates from the radio log as it is updated.

Master Entities & Radio Logs

When creating a call-for-service a dispatcher or officer can relate several types of master entities (e.g. persons, vehicles), and additional log notes within it. Our CAD is designed to capture as much information as possible about these entities and call activities as possible. When the call is completed and an RMS case is created the master entities automatically transfer into the new case as well saving officers time. Below are some examples on the information that can be captured:

Individual Persons

  • Party type (suspect, victim, witness etc.)
  • Full name
  • Date of birth, place of birth
  • All major PII information (gender, height, weight, hair & eye color etc.)
  • Driver’s license & ID information
  • Phone number


  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Tag number, state, & year
  • VIN Number

Radio Log

Radio logs are a permanent record of the information added or updated during the lifetime of the call. This ensures that a complete history of the call as it progressed is maintained since recorded entries cannot be altered or deleted.

The log entries are either automatically generated each time the call is updated or manually to record additional notes about the call. When a radio log is added it is audibly read aloud to the responding officer.

File Storage

Record Audio

With our CAD you can upload & manage multiple types of electronic files to a call.

    • Audio files
    • Video files
    • Photos
    • Electronic documents
    • Scanner documents

Additionally, you can also

    • Upload multiple files or directories at once
    • Centrally manage storage & recycle bin

When you subscribe to the ALEN CAD solution you get 100 gigabytes of storage included with each concurrent license.

Additional Features

  • Additional administrator, supervisor, and observer roles
  • Analytical & statistical reports
  • Call search “tagging” feature
  • Centralized address book
  • Compatible with most internet browsers spell-check feature
  • Export call details to Excel
  • Instant case creation when used with ALEN’s RMS solution
  • Integrated with ALEN Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) and mapping solution
  • License & permission-based access controls
  • Manage default selections for faster entry
  • Manage your own alphanumeric case & evidence number sequences based on types
  • Manage your own call types, dispositions, priorities, and how received codes
  • Multiple agency dispatch capability
  • Permanent radio-log retention
  • Quick NCIC search by driver’s license and vehicle tag when used with ALEN’s CJI & NCIC (SIMS) solution.
  • 3rd party software integration capable


American Flag

Our cloud CAD is available nationally for use by U.S. government & other public sector law enforcement departments. Including:

    • Airport Police Departments
    • Animal Control Departments
    • Campus Law Enforcement
    • Conservation Law Enforcement
    • Harbor Police Departments
    • Military Law Enforcement Agencies
    • Police Departments
    • Private Security Services
    • Railroad Law Enforcement
    • Sheriffs Departments
    • Special Police
    • State Police/Highway Patrols
    • Transit Authorities
    • Tribal Law Enforcement

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