Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL)

AVL, or Automatic Vehicle Location, is a feature that is included with any solution choice in the ALEN subscription plans. Our AVL solution combines GPS technology, street-level mapping, and an intuitive user interface.

Features Include:

  • Real-Time Vehicle Tracking
  • Route planning
  • Traffic conditions
  • Road, satellite and “Birds Eye” views
  • View of all agency vehicles currently logged in
  • Follow specific vehicle
  • Show vehicles from another agency with Information Sharing
  • Brightness and map size controls
  • Location updates every 3 seconds with use of GPS receiver
  • GPS location reports available by request
  • Address search with auto-population
  • Display location of an address from a S.I.M.S query return
  • On-Screen view of last query ran and Status (Traffic Stop/On Scene)