Records Management (RMS)

Our cloud Records Management Solution (RMS) is designed so that a department can manage its cases, records, documents, evidence, and other related activities from their initial generation, completion, and final archival. Your officers can securely access their case information from anywhere, at any time by using their department issued computer and any modern internet browser. Click below to learn more about this robust solution and how it can modernize your department.

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Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Emergency 911 Dispatcher

Our cloud Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) solution is designed to be the principal application used by public safety departments to manage law enforcement incidents from the initial time an incident is reported to its conclusion. Our solution can be used to initiate a call for service, to dispatch, maintain the status of responding units, and to generally manage the incident. Accessible through any modern internet browser means that both the dispatcher and field responders can communicate during an incident in real-time. Click below to learn more about this robust solution and how it can modernize your dispatch processes.


Officers have enough to worry about without having to log into applications spread out over several systems. Using our cloud platform allows for centralized storage and access to all of your agencies information in real-time.

Officers save even more time when you combine this with our Criminal Justice Information solution. It gives them the ability to import DMV related information directly into the citation.

Typical results are a traffic stop time reduction from 15 to 5 minutes! This not only increases officer safety, but increases their chances of stopping more violators per day.

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CJI & NCIC Access (S.I.M.S.)

Criminal records

Our Cloud Criminal Justice Information solution allows qualified law enforcement agencies access to real-time criminal justice information held with federal or state databases.

Depending on your state, you’ll be able quickly access things like: DMV Information, Insurance Validation, Criminal History, Wanted Person, Gang Member, Sex Offender, Firearm, and more.

With our integrated solution, officers are no longer dependent on dispatch to respond to inquiries for tag or driver’s license validation. When paired with eCitation, this means less time on a traffic stop, lower radio overhead, and an increase in officer safety.

Instant Messaging (IM)

The single most important element of law enforcement is communication. With ALEN’s Multi-Agency Secure Communication platform, members of your agency and members of your mutual aid partner agencies can chat, share files and communicate efficiently in a secure environment that meets all CJIS security requirements.

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Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL)

nypd cars

Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) is included with both our RMS and CAD Solutions. Our AVL solution combines GPS technology, street-level mapping, and an intuitive user interface.