ALEN Inc is proud to bring cloud based software solutions to the Law Enforcement community.  Since 2011, we have made it affordable for medium size agencies to have the functionality that normally is reserved for agencies with large budgets.  

Records Management

The essence of a Records Management System for Law Enforcement is that it is a tool for capturing data throughout your casework and then automatically producing the required reports as well as the required reporting to your state and the federal government.

Computer Aided Dispatch

Dispatchers are the first-first responders. The need to manage multiple CFSs and communicate silently and quickly with all officers is paramount. ALENs CAD Solution checks all the boxes for CAD Operators: Speed, Ease of Use, Efficiency.

Multi-Agency Secure Communication

We take officer safety and compliance so seriously that we have funded the development and deployment of the first and best CJIS compliant, cloud based, wireless instant messaging solution and we are making it FREE for all federal, state and local law enforcement departments and agencies. This means no cost for access, no cost for set up, no cost for training, no cost for support. There is no cost for this solution now or EVER.

CJI / NCIC Queries

Our Cloud Criminal Justice Information solution, known as S.I.M.S. (Single Input Multiple Search), allows qualified law enforcement agencies and their officers to access real-time criminal justice information held within federal or state databases.


Quickly and easily create citations and reduce the time and effort of traffic stops. When used with our NCIC / CJI Query Solution, data entry time is reduced because DMV information can be imported into the citation. Reducing the time an officer is on a traffic stop (some agencies see as much as a 15 minute reduction in time) not only increases department efficiency but improves officer safety.


Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) is included with both our RMS and CAD Solutions. Our AVL solution combines GPS technology, street-level mapping, and an intuitive user interface.