Cloud Solutions & Features

Without the need for expensive servers or software you can finally get a secure, affordable and efficient law enforcement solution that works for you without breaking your budget. Learn more about our solutions below.

Our solutions are ideal for the following types of public & private law enforcement or similar industries:

  • Airport Police Departments
  • Campus Law Enforcement
  • Conservation Law Enforcement
  • Harbor Police Departments
  • Military Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Police Departments
  • Private Security Services / Special Police
  • Railroad Law Enforcement
  • Sheriffs Departments
  • State Police/Highway Patrols
  • Transit Authorities
  • Tribal Law Enforcement

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Designed Specifically for First-First Responders.

Dispatchers are the first-first responders. They field calls that require them to be efficient multi-taskers. What other job requires giving directions to staff and helping to give instructions for CPR over the phone at the same time?

We've developed a solution that works with, not against, your dispatch team. It is fast, intuitive, and easy to use. Plus, our solution can be deployed quickly to agencies of any size.

Which means they won't miss a beat the next time someone calls needing instructions that may save a life.

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Records Management System (RMS)

Fight Crime Not Paperwork.

We know you didn't go into law enforcement to spend all day filling out paperwork. That is why ALEN provides a functional Records Management System (RMS) that streamlines your record keeping, making everyone in your organization more productive.

Officers will have one central location to enter their incident reports, activity logs, and field interviews, and once they hit send (from the field), their supervisor can review, approve or reject that report from anywhere.

This means your staff can spend more time helping to prevent, reduce and control crime.

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A 15 Minute Traffic Stop is too Long! 

Officers have enough to worry about without having to log into applications spread out over several systems. Using our cloud platform allows for centralized storage and access to all of your agencies information in real-time.

Officers save even more time when you combine this with our Criminal Justice Information solution. It gives them the ability to import DMV related information directly into the citation.

Typical results are a traffic stop time reduction from 15 to 5 minutes! This not only increases officer safety, but increases their chances of stopping more violators per day.

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Criminal Justice Information

All of the information you need at your fingertips.

Our Cloud Criminal Justice Information solution allows qualified law enforcement agencies access to real-time criminal justice information held with federal or state databases.

Depending on your state, you'll be able to quickly access things like: DMV Information, Insurance Validation, Criminal History, Wanted Person, Gang Member, Sex Offender, Firearm, and more.

With our integrated solution, officers are no longer dependent on dispatch to respond to inquiries for tag or driver’s license validation. When paired with eCitation, this means less time on a traffic stop, lower radio overhead, and an increase in officer safety.

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Instant Messaging

Silence Means Security

Our Instant Messaging solution allows you to communicate and coordinate law enforcement activity without running the risk of the criminal hearing you.

It also meets FBI CJIS security policy standards so your communications will pass any formal audits you may be subject to without the need for any additional security controls.

But you won't miss your old communications systems as we allow for Direct & Group Conversations, Team Broadcast Messages, Channels for Topic Based Conversations, Offline Messaging, and more.

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Payment Portal

Instantly Collect Fines

Collecting credit card fine payments from violators has never been easier. Because of our integrated online payment portal for eCitations receiving payments from violators has never been faster or easier.

Our payment processing service is avaliable at no cost to all eCitation clients. Service fees are charged only to the violators electing to use the online payment option.

All major credit cards are accepted and deposits are made to your designated bank account nightly.

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