Criminal Justice Information QUERIES

With a simple one field entry, depending on the state you are inquiring through, your officers can receive multiple query results. This powerful and rapid response to inquiries improves officer safety and reduces lag time between dispatchers and officers.

Our Cloud Criminal Justice Information solution, known as S.I.M.S. (Single Input Multiple Search), allows qualified law enforcement agencies and their officers to access real-time criminal justice information held with federal or state databases.  NCIC / CJI QUERIES

Benefit – Officers in their patrol cars can search for information on people and vehicles quickly and without dispatcher involvement. These search results can be imported into other ALEN Solutions, reducing data entry, reducing time reporting and allowing officers to remain focused on the people being questioned.NCIC / CJI QUERIES


  • State & NCIC Database Connectivity*
  • III Criminal History (state regulated)
  • DMV Photos displayed (state regulated)
  • Insurance Validation (state regulated)
  • Audio and Visual Alerts on hot list items and warnings
  • Transactional Audit Log
  • Multiple Search options per state
  • View easy to read formatted response or raw response
  • Compatible with Driver’s License Scanners
  • Compatible with Vigilant LPR Software
*Search options will vary State-to-State. This is a list of the most common types available in most States. For a full comprehensive list of the allowed searches for your State please contact us.