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IM Free Edition Includes:

Real-time direct & group messaging
Channels for topic based conversations
Send broadcast messages to all users
Link to other agencies
Historical message retainment
Message searching & export capability
File sharing
1 GB file storage per user
Off-line messaging
& More

NOT Required:

Billing or payment information
Servers or on-premise software

Who can apply?

ALEN's IM is the only CJIS compliant messaging application on the market today. Qualified government entities, such as police departments, can apply and be granted access. More specifically access is reserved for criminal justice agencies (CJA) in the public or private sector and are subject to qualification prior to being granted access. A CJA is defined as a court, a governmental agency, or any subunit of a governmental agency which performs the administration of criminal justice pursuant to a statute or executive order and which allocates a substantial part of its annual budget to the administration of criminal justice. State and federal Inspectors General Offices are included.

Access can also be extended to noncriminal justice agencies (NCJA) in both the public or private sector upon review. The general definition of a NCJA is an entity or any subunit thereof that provides services primarily for purposes other than the administration of criminal justice.

Agencies typically granted access:

  • Airport Police Departments
  • Campus Law Enforcement
  • Conservation Law Enforcement
  • Dispatch Centers
  • Emergency Management
  • EMS Departments
  • Federal Agencies
  • Fire Departments
  • Harbor Police Departments
  • Military Law Enforcement
  • Municipal Courts
  • Police Departments
  • Railroad Law Enforcement
  • Sheriff's Departments
  • Special Police Companies
  • State Agencies
  • State Police/Highway Patrol
  • Transit Authorities
  • Tribal Law Enforcement