Frequently Asked Questions

Is your "free" trial really FREE?

Absolutely! We will do our absolute best to understand your problems and demonstrate how our solutions solve them, but, if you need to try it out before making a subscription commitment, we fully support that.  Our free trials include everything that we offer with the package that you select, including our first class onboarding, training and 24x7x365 support. 

How many version of your software are in use?

As a true Software as a Service provider, we only have ONE version of our software in use which makes if very easy and very affordable to support and enhance.  Our users benefit from rapid response to functional improvements because we do not have to support multiple versions of our programs! 

How exactly does your subscription plan work?

It’s quite simple.  You pay a small one-time set up fee per active user.  This covers on boarding, setup of your database, training and ongoing support for the life of our relationship.  Then you pay a monthly subscription fee per concurrent user.  Our minimum term is 12 months but many agencies contract for longer terms to protect their pricing.  

What happens if we lose funding?

We understand public sector budgets and funding.  Our contracts have a standard non-appropriation clause in them so don’t worry.  If you lose funding and need to cancel service, you have the means to do so in the contract.  If you need to cancel service for ANY reason, we will export your entire database and send it to you as part of our normal winding down.  Of course, we hope this doesn’t happen and work very hard every day to make sure that it does not!

Does your system require any special equipment?

No. That’s the amazing thing about our solutions being 100% cloud based. You are never required to purchase dedicated servers, network or other hardware to use our solutions. All we require is that you have a computer, Internet connection and a web browser.   We do publish a list of minimum requirements and recommended operating systems but if your agency is using mainstream computers, operating systems and browsers, you will be just fine attaching to our platform!

How much is your annual ?maintenance fee:

We don’t charge a monthly maintenance fee. Your subscription covers all enhancements and upgrades.  Enhancements are deployed, on average, every 30-40 days.  These enhancement include corrections, improvements in the functionality of the solutions and feature additions.  Each enhancement release is accompanied by an email to users detailing each element by applications.  

How long has ALEN been in business?

ALEN has been around since 2005.  In 2011, the current owners purchased the company.  Since that time, new modules and functions have been released to our loyal customer base. For a complete chronology of our history, please go on over to Our Story and read more. 

How does your licensing work?

We license our solutions on a concurrent use basis.  This means that you only pay for what you need.  We work with you to determine the correct number of concurrent users for your agency and operations.  As you grow and need more access, you simply let us know and we increase it for you.  We have special accommodations for seasonal, event or disaster situations, during which  your agency would need more access.  Please contact for more information on this. 

How can I get to my data?

Our contracts make it quite clear that your data is your data.  As an active subscriber, you can access your data on demand through our reporting tool.  Any report you can run can be exported to any number of standard electronic file types.  The most common are CSV or MS Excel.    If you need data that is not available via a standard report, you can request it from our support team at any time.  We encourage our users to maximize the use of the storage that is available through their subscription and we realize that easily exporting it for many reason is good for the agency so we make it super simple to do so.  If you would like to view our contract to understand how clearly we make this, you can do so at .