Quickly and easily create citations and reduce the time and effort of traffic stops.  

When used with our NCIC / CJI Query Solution, data entry time is reduced because DMV information can be imported into the citation. 

Reducing the time an officer is on a traffic stop (some agencies see as much as a 15 minute reduction in time) not only increases department efficiency but improves officer safety.  

For agencies who need it, the ALEN Payment Portal directly interfaces to the eTicket Solution for convenience fine collection.


  • Issue Warnings or Citations
  • One-click Citation Duplication for Rapidly Writing Multiple Citations for a Single Violator
  • Custom Text Fields for Citation Instructions
  • Multiple Printing Options - Portrait / Landscape, Most Paper Types
  • More Printing Options - User Selects Driver, Court, Agency Copies
  • Import Violator and Vehicle Data into Citation From Query Results
  • State Reporting Interfaces Available
  • All Previous Citations Issued Against Violator Through ALEN Network Will Display
  • Statistical Reports Accessible by Supervisors
  • Direct Interface to ALEN Payment Portal