Municipal Court Management

Whether your municipality has a small court that meets weekly (or less) or your municipality has a busy court with multiple locations and docket times, the ALEN Court Management System along with the option to import from eTicket can help your Court Clerk manage cases and dockets from the inception of the offense through complete payment of all fines and fees.

  • Docket Creation and Management
  • Case Management
  • Complex Fines and Fees Setup
  • Cash Receipts Management
  • Defender Accounting
  • Payment Plan Management

Docket Management

  • Docket Dashboard for easy viewing
  • Docket can be viewed online or printed
  • Court Clerk "Calendar" for recording judgements and court events
  • Defender Sign In Sheet for each docket
  • Can accommodate multiple locations and courtrooms
  • Docket Dashboard for easy viewing


  • Each defendent has an account
  • Fines are assigned to charges as needed
  • All fines and fees for a case are compbined on one invoice
  • Payment portal included for quick receipts
  • Multiple forms of payment accepted on one invoice
  • Payment plans managed by case
  • Payment Receipts can be emailed

Case Management

  • Enter cases manually or import from eTicket
  • Quickly and easily move/continue cases to new docket
  • Event logs track all activity with a case
  • Electronic files can be stored in the system and attached to the case file
  • Cases can track defendents, attorneys, judgets, witnesses etc as needed