Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Dispatchers are the first-first responders. The need to manage multiple calls for service (CFS) and communicate silently and quickly with all officers is paramount.  ALENs CAD Solution checks all the boxes for CAD Operators:  Speed, Ease of Use, Efficiency.  


  • Multi-Agency - Dispatchers can dispatch to as many agencies as needed from one or more dispatch locations
  • Fast, Easier User Interface - designed with dispatchers in mind
  • Audible call out to officers - dispatcher keys in "radio log" informaton and an audible is read out in the dispatched vehicle
  • Real-time information shared between all responders
  • Customization of screens by users.
  • Upload and attach any digital files to the CFS record (911 audio)
  • Address Book for rapid entry of location information
  • Quickly reassign calls with one click
  • Create necessary RMS cases with one click