About ALEN

Innovative Technology with Minimal Investment

in The beginning

ALEN, Inc. began with an acquisition in 2011.

Since that time, we have come to work every day with one goal in mind – improve the experience for our users and contribute to our mission.  Simply put, our mission is to enable small to medium size law enforcement agencies to utilize innovative technology with minimal investment. 

our why

We have several “whys”.  The first and most important is that budget strapped agencies deserve more.  

Now more than ever, the safety of our law enforcement officers is the highest priority of any agency.  The ALEN Software Solutions were (and continue to be) designed and built to improve officer safety.  By offering robust and efficient software at a reasonable price, we enable agencies of all sizes to redeploy funds that were necessary with traditonal solutions (but aren’t with ALEN’s SaaS model)  into other tangible tools that improve officer safety.   Who wouldn’t want more safety specific tools for their officers?  Our customer partners and their neighbors are our biggest “WHY”.

Who we are

ALEN, Inc. (ALEN) is a privately held, Software as a Service (SaaS) provider for U.S. government organizations.

We focus on local law enforcement and fit best in small to medium size agencies.  We embrace local solution providers who have trusted relationships with leaders in municipal and county government. Where it makes sense, we develop integrations with other technologies to improve operational efficiency and drive cost out of our agency partner organizations. 

Who we are not

We are not trying to be everything to everyone. We are not experts in everything that a municipality needs.  

We know that by focusing on our core business, we bring more value to our partners than if we try to meet all of their needs.  This is why we are open to integrations and prefer to partner with others who also have subject matter expertise in their core competency.  

our vision

ALEN, Inc. is positioned to be the fastest growing SaaS provider of law enforcement software in the US.  We have the vision, products, client partners and employees to execute this vision.  Think of the most successful SaaS company you know then think of ALEN as that organization for Law Enforcement. 

Through consistent listening and a commitment to continuous, enhanced functionality, ALEN will continue to gain market share by helping reduce costs and improve morale at agencies across the nation. 

Our How

ALEN was built on a very basic premise.  Build a platform that is fast, efficient and ultra affordable.  Rescue budget constrained agencies from exorbitant software and server costs.  Making this happen has required strong partnerships.  Some of our key partners are: