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“We have been using ALEN for  thirteen years and our experience with ALEN product and support has been fantastic and seamless. They answer
every call and email quickly and their service is outstanding” 

— Captain David Roskind, Sandy Springs GA PD 

“ALEN has a long-term history with mobile computing that out dates many, if not most of their competitors.  Compared to other vendors in their high-end league of software abilities, the pricing ALEN offered was unbelievable! … ALEN is a phenomenal company with a top-shelf systems, more than competitive rates, and the BEST Support Crew in the Business!”

Chief Chris Prokesh, Leesburg GA PD

“ALEN is a perfect fit for our small Department here in Milner, Ga. The tech support is 24 hours a day and the staff are very accommodating to all of our needs. ALEN has a full array of features that can be customized to meet our needs for reports, inquiries, CAD and daily logs. They call me on a regular basis to see if things are working for us and ask what they can do to improve their service for us.  I know every person who works in their customer service and tech department by name. They treat our small department as if we were a major Law Enforcement Agency. I would recommend ALEN to any Department. I give them two thumbs up.”

Corporal Jerry Rafferzeder, Milner PD GA

solving problems since 2011

Whether your agency needs CAD, RMS, eCitation, Secure Data Sharing, Court or NCIC Query capabilities, ALEN can assist.  Our pay as you go software service means that you have access all the time from anywhere without any concerns for up-time, malware or disaster recovery.  If technology confusion is the norm, let us help!  If you feel stuck with your current vendor, let us help!

learn about
software as a service

Cloud computing can be a confusing topic. In this article, we discuss the history of computing and clarify what Software as a Service (SaaS) is and what the benefits are.

if you need help

Our support team is here 24 / 7 / 365. All of our employees work from our corporate headquarters located in Mobile, AL. We offer support through multiple channels. You can call us, email us or chat with us. Officers on night shift can talk to a human with one call. Visit our support page for downloads, and access.

Our story

Based in Mobile, AL we initially began with one simple but important product, running CJI / NCIC Queries over wireless networks.  From that focused beginning, we have continued to work with our customers to understand their problems and develop solutions as quickly as possible. We can’t wait to get to know you too.