At ALEN, we believe that software for your officers and dispatchers should be easy to use and should support the workflow they are already accustom to. Our integrated suite of products can be used independently of each other or they can be used all together allowing data to flow freely between each application.

These are the question we ask ourselves before we deploy an enhancement to our system:

  • Is it good for law enforcement?
  • Is it good for communities?
  • Is it good for all agencies?

If, and only if we can answer YES to these three questions, do we include the enhancement in our system. For you, this means that you are not paying for some feature you don’t need, and you are not paying for some feature only the largest agencies can benefit from. While we might not have all the bells and whistles that some of the players in our space have, we have the RIGHT ONES for your agency at a subscription fee you can afford.

We look forward to working with your department to uncover what is most pressing so that we can take the burden off your officers and enable them to do their jobs better, faster and easier.

Please look around and let us know how we can help!