Records Management System (RMS)

The essence of a Records Management System for Law Enforcement is that it is a tool for capturing data throughout your casework and then automatically producing the required reports as well as the required reporting to your state and the federal government

Using ALEN’s Records Management System (RMS) enables law enforcement to prevent, reduce and control crime, improve community policing and problem solving capabilities as well as improve operational efficiency and resource management.

Using our cloud platform allows for centralized storage and access to all of your agency’s information in real-time.

Enabling the officers to write reports from the field and submit them for approval and allowing supervisors to review and approve or reject reports results in much faster report submission with fewer mistakes and much cleaner narratives and other information.  


  • Handles Multiple Types of Offense Reports
  • Meets Industry Standard for Functionality
  • Includes UCR, NIBRS and CLERY Reporting
  • Offense Codes Customizable for Each Agency
  • Very Robust Evidence Managment Functionality
  • Officer Activity Log Tracks Activities Using System Input and Manual Input
  • Reports Needing Approval Can Be Submitted, Reviewed, Rejected and Approved from within the System
  • Officer and Supervisor Alerts When Reports Are Waiting for Approval or Correction
  • Electronic Signature Function for Officer and Supervisor Sign Offs
  • Extensive Administrative Reports for Local Crime Reporting and Analysis
  • File and Document Upload for Ease of Maintaining and Sharing Investigation Records and Evidence
  • and Many More!

Electronic RMS Results in Higher Productivity, Lower Costs

Time Savings

  • Faster Filing and Retrieval of Information
  • Fewer Misfiles
  • Improved Staff Efficiency and Productivity
  • Information Organized and Shareable Results in More Speedy Investigations
  • Quickly Service Public Requests for Reports
  • Chief and Other Administrators Spend Less Time Gathering Statistical Data

Cost Savings

  • Less Need for Filing Equipment & Supplies
  • Reduced Need for Pre-Printed Forms
  • Reduced Overtime Through Faster Reporting
  • Less Need for Administrative Personnel

Additional Benefits

  • Improved Officer Morale
  • Easier Training of New Employees
  • More Consistent Reporting
  • More Accurate Reporting
  • Protection of Vital Records