Benefits of Cloud Computing

ALEN Cloud Computing

ALEN is a Law Enforcement service provider that is 100% cloud based. We utilize a Software as a Service or “SaaS” model. This provides a cost-effective, flexible, and secure alternative to a traditional in-house managed software application.  Some of the many benefits of cloud computing (when it is TRUE native cloud computing) are listed below.  

Traditionally, law enforcement agencies are required to purchase, build, and maintain their own information technology solutions. This means that the agency must either have an IT department to support their solution. This leads to high up-front costs and long term maintenance cost. 

At IACP 2019 in Chicago, we ran an informal survey of Chiefs of Police.  Technology confusion ranked at the very top of things that chiefs today are concerned about.  It seems that there is an unending list of hardware and software solutions and each software solution needs its own server with its own database and server software.  This can become very complex and expensive.  In fact, one chief told us that his small agency of 15 sworn officers runs 7 servers.  Now that is both complicated and expensive.  

Moving your computing to the cloud has many benefits.  A few are listed below.

Cloud Computing Benefits

  • Zero Infrastructure to Purchase - no more server cost or server maintenance costs
  • No annual maintenance cost
  • Flexible Licensing
  • Operating Expense vs Capital Expense
  • Continuous Upgrades and Added Features
  • Security, Uptime, Backups, Recovery are Handled For You
  • Accessible Quickly From Anywhere - No Need for VPN
  • Real Time Communication - Nothing Runs in Batches
  • Scalable - As the Agency Grows and Needs More Resources, the System Grows
  • First Class, Top-tier and Redundant Infrastructure

For more information on cloud computing, visit our partner blog at Microsoft Azure!   A simple example of something you won’t have to worry about with ALEN is the retirement of SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 as described in this blog post.  ALEN will ensure that your infrastructure is not disrupted ever!

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